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Oh, one or more tests have failed...

... which is truly awesome and important, by the way! Your report might help me learn and improve Reel.

  1. Just save this whole result as HTML file in your browser with File › Save, hit Ctrl S (on PC) or ⌘ S (on Mac),
  2. Mail it to reel@vostrel.cz
  3. and feel happy, that you've helped make Reel better :)

It may as well be a false alarm so please do repeat the tests several times and if the result is steadily (or frequently) popping up this message, then congratulations! And I'm very eager to know.


Petr Vostřel

Don't worry, NO hippies get harmed, nothing about you is stored within the report. Except for the user agent (browser) identification string right below (white on blue).